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Sex Scene Championships!

banner for Scorching Nix's Sex Scene ChampionshipsI totally meant to post about this when the championship started, but time sped on and suddenly it’s my day and I still haven’t shared!

Scorching Nix is hosting a sex scene championship. Today, Jared and Richard from Inescapable are up against Jack and his anonymous lover from Jack L Pyke’s Don’t… You’ve got just under 48 hours to read both extracts and pick the sexiest*. The winner will then move on to round two, and so on until a final scene is declared the winner.

Not only do you get to read a ton of awesome hot scenes, but every vote earns you an entry for the grand prize. There’s fifty ebooks, gifts cards, print books, jewellery and other swag up for grabs. First prize gets first dibs on eight prizes, second place gets to pick five, third gets three, and then others will be randomly distributed to runners up. You can enter three times on each round, so you’ve got a great shot at winning some awesome stuff!

So, get over to Scorching Nix’s, get reading, and get voting. And I’ll see you in the next round (I hope!)

*mine, obviously!

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Dial It Up, now Availabe in Dreampinner Press’s Juicy Bits Anthology

Cover for Juicy Bits, and erotic romance m/m anthology from Dreamspinner Press…as of last week! I know, I know. Since I spilt tea on my laptop (annoyingly, though it’s still under warranty the warranty doesn’t include accidental damage, and my insurance excess is more than repairs’ll cost) I’ve been avoiding anything that involves a lot of typing, since I’m stuck using the on screen keyboard. Still, yay for having a touch screen laptop with an onscreen keyboard – at least I can still log in!

Anyway, the most important news is that Juicy Bits is not only available to buy, but it’s also on sale, since Dreamspinner are celebrating their seventh birthday with a 35% off sale. So go take advantage!

My story, Dial It Up, is a New Adult phone sex short. Now that David and his high school crush, Patrick, are on opposite sides of the country, they realize they have more in common than they used to; they’re both having a hard time dealing with the changes to their lives. Then David’s call interrupts Patrick’s “me time.” Although Patrick says he’s straight, he seems pretty keen to turn that “me time” into “us time.”

So while you’re buying and reading that, I’ll go back to dealing with this!

taking apart the laptop(yes, that’s LEGO me watching over the proceedings)

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Signed copy of Inescapable up for grabs, and Jared and Richard share their thoughts on being arrested

scorching reviews lgbt header

To celebrate the release of Inescapable in print, I’m giving away a sign copy as part of Scorching Reviews’ LGBT event!

Head over to the Scorching Review blog to check out an interview with Inescapable’s main characters – Jared and Richard – and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway both for my book and for the grand prize pack. You can also enter the giveaway via my facebook page.

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Manlove Flash Valentine’s Day Hop

House of Manlove Flash, image courtesy of to the House of Manlove Flash Valentine’s Hop! 16 short stories from 16 romance authors, set in their current universes or from works in progress. That’s 16 sweet shorts over the next week to keep you in a romantic mood!

My offering is a snowy short set just under a year after the events of Flirt. There’s no real spoilers (other than the main couple get together – but if that comes as a surprise to you in a romance novel, you might need to make sure you’re reading the genre you think you are!) though it might help to be familiar with the characters.

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