Dial It Up, now Availabe in Dreampinner Press’s Juicy Bits Anthology

May 5, 2014 by

Cover for Juicy Bits, and erotic romance m/m anthology from Dreamspinner Press…as of last week! I know, I know. Since I spilt tea on my laptop (annoyingly, though it’s still under warranty the warranty doesn’t include accidental damage, and my insurance excess is more than repairs’ll cost) I’ve been avoiding anything that involves a lot of typing, since I’m stuck using the on screen keyboard. Still, yay for having a touch screen laptop with an onscreen keyboard – at least I can still log in!

Anyway, the most important news is that Juicy Bits is not only available to buy, but it’s also on sale, since Dreamspinner are celebrating their seventh birthday with a 35% off sale. So go take advantage!

My story, Dial It Up, is a New Adult phone sex short. Now that David and his high school crush, Patrick, are on opposite sides of the country, they realize they have more in common than they used to; they’re both having a hard time dealing with the changes to their lives. Then David’s call interrupts Patrick’s “me time.” Although Patrick says he’s straight, he seems pretty keen to turn that “me time” into “us time.”

So while you’re buying and reading that, I’ll go back to dealing with this!

taking apart the laptop(yes, that’s LEGO me watching over the proceedings)

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