Foody Friday: Wine Chocolate

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I keep forgetting it’s Friday. It feels like a Saturday. I’m having a party on Sunday, and I keep having to remind myself that (a) I shouldn’t start the prep yet and (b) I need food for myself tomorrow night. Despite the fact that everything’s banging on about it being Friday the thirteenth, it keeps passing me by.

Anyway, it is, so here’s a recipe. I made this last week, and it’s knee-weakeningly good. You couldn’t drink much, since not only is it very alcoholic but also very rich, but everyone you know will love you for making it. Brilliant on these cold evenings.

Wine Chocolate


1 pint sherry OR 1 1/2 pint Red Port
4 1/2 oz Cocoa
6 oz Sugar
1/2 oz Flour
Pinch of Salt


Large Pan


Sieve the powedery ingredients into the sherry and mix until they’ve dissolved.

Simmer, but don’t bring to the boil unless you want to waste all that lovely fortified wine.

Share and drink!

To make a single portion, take a small wine glass (175ml), a teaspoon of cocoa, a teaspoon and a half of sugar, a pinch of flour and a pinch of a pinch of salt.

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There may not be a post next week; I’m on a train from 9:00 til 16:30, and I don’t know what my net connection will be like. On the other hand, you get a post about the Writing Holiday when I get back!


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