Turning a Short Story into a Short Novel. Not Easy.

Jul 21, 2008 by

I’ve typed up the first bit of the selkie story from my notebook. It’s about 9000 words long, and when I add the rest in I think it’ll be about 12000. Not too long for a short story, but I’ve stumbled across a perfect agent to submit it to, but she won’t take shorts. As a short story, there are some scenes and events that are almost skipped over, that in a novel you would expect to be extended. A lot more showing I can do. And, for pacing, there are significant additions I can make, spreading an afternoon out over two days, and deep introduction to certain characters, and so on. Even so, I think I’d be lucky to scrape 40,000 words, when even for a short novel you really want at least 60,000. It’s a pain. It may require some kind of subplot, which I’m not keen on.

Still, it’s started, and it’s fun to write, and I have loads of bits and pieces in my new notebook I can throw in. We’ll see how it goes.

I will blog about FatE at some point soon. I’m tempted to see if I can record something and upload it, to try out my own story telling skills. There was an irish story that really caught me, and I’d like to have a try. Still definitely a writer, but that doesn’t mean I don’t vey much apreciate the art of telling. Oh, and all that cider was very nice too!


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