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Jun 14, 2008 by

I’ve been reading Pepys’ Diary, which I’ll write more about later (when I’ve finished it). I hadn’t quite clocked how much travel there was on the Thames and its tributries; apparently you were much safer in a boat than a coach, since it made it much harder to be mugged! So, something for fantasy and historical writers there: boats preferred by the middle and upper classes, when available.

I’m moving house on monday (well, fingers crossed!) so I’ll be offline for a while. Perfect excuse to type up everything in my work notebook, which I’m four pages from filling now. Nice rejection from Riptide; I’m going to wait until they’re accepting submissions for vol4, and send them Exoticism.

There’s something quite satisfying about packing, but it seems to be generating as much mess as it’s clearing, which is prompting me to run away on a regular basis. For newspaper, of course. And teapot shaped knobs for a chest of drawers ^_^


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