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Oct 2, 2010 by

Lovely, lovely review from Coffee Time Romance for Tease. I’m really glad they enjoyed it. I’m going to pay the $5 to have the book linked from the review (now that’s a canny business plan – free, independent reviews, but charge for additional promo opportunities. Hats off to CTR!)

Reviews for Tease vary from 3* to4.5*. So far no one’s hated it, and everyone seems to appreciate the stylistic choice of Tease being mute, though not everyone’s as keen on Barnabas. Which is fair enough! If I ever do another edition, there are some thing I will make more explicit, like the fact Barnabas didn’t grow up in Tremanhir, and has spent the vast majority of his life in boarding school (I see him as early twenties in the text, and he’ll have been at boarding school from age 7 to 18). I might even go so far as to tie it down to a time period, but I kinda like the fact it could be set any time from the 60s onwards.

Anyway, I’m off to Wales in a couple of hours. I had an idea of spending the whole train journey working on Space Romance, but it turns out it’s three separate trains, which is a bit more awkward for writing. Still, I’m very much in the mood now 🙂 This just about caps my weird week, really.


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