The Ugly, Lovely Town

Jul 27, 2010 by

I’ve made it back from Swansea in one piece, despite engineering works on the line (and an adorable but bored toddler who thought I was a pirate with my trilby on!).My sister made it to graduation. Even my parents made it, though it was a close thing!

I have some gorgeous photos of Swansea bay, taken from my eyrie window (four flights of stairs, a dramatically sloped ceiling, and no curtains) and from the beach itself. I only managed to paddle in the sea once, since when the tide was out it was a mile and a half walk across the sands. Drank too much, ate too much, read 2/3 of Green Mars.

Very little internet access, so I manged to get another draft of Julia Can’t written and 2k more on Space Romance. Came back to find I have edits to do on Ruin, Pluvial and Tease (it’s out so soon!). It’s my last week in full time work, which timing-wise is a bit sideways, but it’s the summer holidays so I should have time to get plenty of days in. Mmm, staycations.


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