UnMotivated Monday – no links, but a lot of procrastination

Jul 12, 2010 by

There’s no Motivation Monday this week because I haven’t spent enough time online to find any interesting links. Turns out making potato salad for 80 people takes a little while!

What I’m meant to be doing is line edits on Tease. What I’m actually doing is (a) ripping the CDs I got for my birthday, (b) sending a clean copy of Ruin to Reflection’s Edge, who’ve accepted it despite the fact my email borked some of the formatting, (c) sending Pluvial to KVTaylor’s Red Penny Papers, (d) getting my head around ITINs and FW7s so people can actually pay me, (e) putting some of the interviews together and (f) posting here.¬† Oh, and having a couple of glasses of left over wedding wine. It went very well, but my parents have left me with about 60 bread rolls. We may have over-catered slightly…

What I will do, once I’ve finished this post, run out of CDs to rip, found the information I need to fill in the tax forms, and run out of internet to procrastinate on, is work my way through the line edits with increasing¬† desperation as I’m still determined to get to bed at a reasonable time. By which I mean I’ll finish them. I’ve got at least four hours!

ETA – a, b, c, d and f done. Also, note to self? You know better than to use punctuation for pacing. Bad grammar! No biscuit! (also, mental maths is fun and good for the brain, but still counts as procrastination. You are 1/8 done. Congratulations on working that out. Do more… 1/6 now.)


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