Ghost Stories

Apr 16, 2010 by

I screamed aloud mutliple times.

It’s easily the most frightening play I’ve ever seen.

It even satisfied the ghost geek in me, and I’m going to see it again.

I haven’t seen a negative review of it so far, and having seen it, I know why. I don’t explicitly believe in ghosts, and I think the mark of any good ghost story/film/play is that you do believe for the duration. It doesn’t matter that they don’t exist, it matters that you saw something and the character on stage didn’t and there’s creepy noises and things moving of their own accord and what the shit was that

We discussed afterwards whether it would tour. The technical stuff, my theatre working friend assured me, was doable, but it’s the way they do up the rest of the theatre that could cause problems. It’s made it to the West End though, so I suppose they figured it out. You see, you walk into a pitch black room. The only lights are the emergency exists (for legal reasons) and a string of lanterns. If you squint, you can make out police tape, and chalked numbers on the wall. You don’t know when it’s going to start, because the lights are already down.

There are three stories and a framing device, which naturally link together. When you leave, you’ll be looking for the links you didn’t notice originally. Your adrenaline will be up, and everything will seem faintly significant. You’ll want to talk about it, a lot, but you’ll worry about spoiling it for passers-by.

As I do you. Hence the vagueness. All I can say is if you ever get the chance to see it, do. I’m going to drag everyone I failed to the first time to see it in the West End. Well, everyone I’m comfortable screaming in front of!


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