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I’ve printed out the contract for Loose Id, and I’m trying to get my head around the tax stuff. I’m actually quite fortunate in that th financial year has just ticked over, so I have plenty of time to work out whether I’ll hit the lower limit for declaring foreign earnings or not in the UK (£300), and what to do either way.

Anyway, I have been terribly remiss about links recently. I’ve currently got a couple of days off, to make up for the fact I’m working this weekend, so I’m treating this like a Sunday. Categories are going to get a bit lax here, so I’ve got so many built up.


The Digital Economy Bill was passed in the UK in the ‘washup’ – the time when politicians force remaining bills through Parliament before it dissolves in the face of a General Election. People who actually use the internet and understand how it works are furious. The Orphan Works clause got dropped last minute, which a lot of people are very grateful for, but there are still huge problems with the sections on piracy and turning off people’s internet. There’s about a year before it comes into force, and over 6000 people have so far refused to recongise it.

And yes, my MP did turn up, and voted in line with the party whip. He’s very likly to get re-elected (this is a pretty safe seat) so he will be hearing from me about it.

Dear Author has been discussing the agency program many of the big publishers have signed up for, including the impending price battle, what’s going to happen to discounting, the end of loyalty programs, and the disappearance of books from Amazon.

The Smart Bitches and Dear Author have both got hold of the iPad, amongst many, many others. General consensus? It’s entertainment only, and it definitely entertains, but it’s not a great eReader and it’s pretty poor for ay kind of business. Internet browsing, movies, games and short reads – good for holidays, especially for keeping the younger ones present entertained while you’re arguing with immigration about the sand in your passport.

Interview with the Publisher of Baen Books, often touted as the print publisher who’s getting eBooks right.

Interest Piquing

French TV company replicated Milgram’s Prison Experiment, with same results.

Retrospective on young Van Helsings’ determined to tackle the Gorbals Vampire in 1954, blamed at the time on horror comics, but much more likely to be the result of urban legends and local myths.

Green Collar Economy, a site to help businesses go green.


Another exoplanet like our own discovered.

The ‘Hobbit’ island reveals a few more archaeological secrets.

Babies born to dance. Apparently it’s an evolutionary thing!


Badass of the week. Does what it says on the tin.

LibraryThing – it’s turned me into a competitive reader, though I’m mainly competiting against my To Read pile. I’m trying to keep it under 40. When I add a review, it pops up on my Mina Kelly facebook page too, which is handy.


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