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Dec 6, 2009 by

Most of November escapes me, there. December is attempting to do the same.

Mini-NaNo went well. I missed two days – as usual, it’s not a matter of being too busy as it is just simply forgetting – and I haven’t done a complete count yet, but I estimate I reached about 10,000 words. The overall target for the month was 6,000, though obviously the point of mini-NaNo is not the word count but the writing every day. I get 93% on that, which is a mark I’d be proud of under any other circumstances!

There’s a review of Bedknobs and Beanstalks over at Coffeetimeromance. 4 out of 5 cups (and eternal endearment to me for using teacups to rate things!). We also got 4.5 from Rainbow Reviews, and there’s 9 ratings and 3 reviews at Goodreads, averaging 4.85, and one review and rating at Amazon (5 stars). I still can’t get LibraryThing to let me add it to my library, though somebody else has added it to their database. Grrr.

I’ve made inroads on the rewrite of the Selkie Story for Loose Id, and I’m hoping to get it back to them before Christmas. I’ve got a few short stories out of Mini-NaNo, some erotic, some sci fi and some just sweet. Unfortunately, MyWeekly has stopped accepting submissions from new writers, which cuts another Woman’s Magazine out of the potential market. I’m thinking I might go to the Fishguard Writer’s Holiday again, and get some more advice on submitting to the WoMag market. We shall see what the budget says.

I’ve been watching the Harlequin/DellArte debacle with interest, and shall be sharing thoughts on it soon. I’ve also been watching Borders UK go under – it’s one of my favourite shops, but from the rumours floating around about management I’m not entirely surprised it’s died on its feet. I’ve taken advantage of the sale to get a copy of Larousse Gastronomique, but I’m not looking forward to when it’s gone. I’ve had issues with Waterstones since they fired that blogger, and though I’m very appreciative of my city’s thriving indepedent bookshops, a lot of them are specialist or niche, and rarely have what I’m looking for. Though since most of my recent purchases have been from the Oxfam bookshop, I suppose I can’t complain too much – as far as the Borders management are concerned it’s people like me who drove them under, rather than their own attitudes to marketing and the fact they spent massive amounts of money on a database that would search by ISBN but not title or author.

I’ve posted (and backdated) November’s recipes. December’s are going to be mince pies. Mmmm. I’m probably not going to do Foody Friday’s next year, unless something particularly strikes me (maybe a few seasonal ones?). I’m thinking I might swap to a regular links post: favourite blog, most inspiring news story etc. We shall see.


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