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Feb 6, 2014 by

:flails:: :falls over:: ::flails on floor::

So, Dear Author was one of the first blogs that really introduced me to romance, especially the variety that the modern genre affords. They’re also one of the biggest review blogs in the genre, and their especially known for being – not harsh, precisely, but they never pull punches – shall we say ‘fair’? reviewers.

And they liked Flirt! B-

Told in a low-key, introspective voice that nicely fits the rustic setting and mood of the story — despite Flirt’s name, it’s not cutesy at all — this has a very authentic feel. The everyday details of Toby’s deafness never falter, and though he has some anger over how he’s been treated, as an adult being deaf is simply as part of who he is — an opportunity for his withdrawal rather than the true reason. The sex scenes, despite a nod to seal physiology, are also low-key.

(I love the grade style ratings, rather than stars. The BF always teases me when I rate films by grades, but it’s just so much more flexible.)


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