Inescapable, Out Now

Apr 16, 2013 by

Cover for Inescapable, out now from Loose Id

Today’s the day! Inescapable, nee Space Romance, has finally made that journey from “wouldn’t it be cool if two hot guys were handcuffed together” to an actual, purchasable, book.

Thanks go out to Sandra Rychel, my editor (for this and Tease, but sadly leaving Loose Id now), and P L Nunn, my cover artist (who I have fangirled for nearly a decade now, from way back in the Weiss Kreuz fandom).

This is the book that gave me an excuse to spend hours on the Hubble Gallery site (all locations do exist!) and research sex in space, to use world building I’ve had in my head for years, and to go all out David Lynch’s Dune in my descriptions.

Thrill at daring escapes! Gasp at explosions in space! Gaze in wonder galactic vistas! Squirm in your seat at zero-G sex!

Buy Inescapable!


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