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I’ve been totally overpreparing for Christmas this year. Started in October. I learned to knit this year, so I’ve been making scarves like mad (1 and 3/4 left to do!), plus making mincemeat and christmas cake and gingerbread and soap and chocolates and all that sort of thing. I’m not normally so into DIY Christmases, but I had so much stuff to hand and it’s a good channel for my excess creative energy. It’s the first Christmas living with the bf, so we’re really making this Christmas our own (even if we are spending the day itself with my parents) and making advent calendars for each other.  I’ve already started buying decorations for a tree we haven’t got yet and planning food for a party I haven’t organised.

Anyway, part of the aforementioned advent calendar I’ve made includes a mix CD, since we swapped xmas mixes last year and it’s is a ripe time of year to find some more unusual tunes. Since he doesn’t read the blog, I can safely share the one I’ve put together for him! I’ve done a cover for it and everything (because what is a mix CD but an excuse to have a play on photoshop?) but that’s on a different computer, so I’ll add it when I get a chance.

I’ve gone for a sort of “well, it could be worse” kind of theme, as you can see!

Fairytale of New York – The Pogues feat Kirsty McCall
Another Christmas Song – Stephen Colbert
Father Christmas – The Kinks
Christmas Tree on Fire – Holly GoLightly
Santa Ain’t Comin’ No Mo – Eraserhead
Christmas Down the Pub – John the Chippy
Christmas Night of the Living Dead – MxPx
Post Apocalypse Christmas – Gruff Rhys
Chiron beta Prime – Jonathan Coulton
Christmas in Prison – Emmy the Great ft Lightspeed Champion
Dear Santa – Persil
A Cold, Cold Christmas – Stephen Colbert
But Hey, Happy Christmas – the Strawheads
Ding Dong Merrily on High – The Singing Loins

If you guys are interested, I’ll post last year’s too, though I may not link all the songs (since I ripped most of them off CDs I already own). On the other hand, why should you care about my domestic xmas projects? 😛


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