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No One Can Hear You, my banshee story, has been acceted by Three Crow Press for their erotica issue, and should appear on Feb 15th. Yay 🙂

They accepted Wolf-Spider for the same issue last year – since the rights for that are reverting to me soon, I’m going to see if Pseudopod are interested in it.

In a related note, I received my cheque from Ravenous Romance for Swan Made a couple of weeks ago. They’d originally said they’d pay by Paypal, but I didn’t think anything of it (to be honest, there’s something quite nice about a physical cheque!). Whoops. Took it to the bank, handed it over. Received a nice printed statement from them, informing me that they’d taken my $10, converted it to £6.03, and charged me £5.50 for the privilege. Yep. 53p.

It’s entirely my own fault, since I didn’t ask RR about the fact it was a cheque, nor did I ask my bank what its charges were. But next time? I’m asking everyone. And if it’s a cheque or nothing, then I guess it’s just time to start wallpapering with them!

(either that, or it’s going to have to be a pretty damn big cheque to make me swallow the charge!)


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