Flirt, out today!

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Cover for Flirt, now available from Loose IdFlirt! Out Today from Loose Id!

Toby’s happy with his life in the small fishing village of Haggenby. At least, he thought he was. When he rescues a selkie who identifies himself as Flirt in sign language–not so much a name as a warning label, as Toby’s father notes–he’s forced to recognise he’s withdrawn from the world, and the world thinks it’s because he lost his hearing in his teens.

Stung, Toby takes Flirt out on a date, but that attracts the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of people: scientists keen to dissect Flirt and prove the existence of the supernatural. Flirt is kidnapped and Toby must attempt a daring rescue if he wants to keep his lover. He just hopes his lover wants to be kept.

Flirt is out today! The second book in my Under His Skin series (previously referred to as my selkie books!) is available now for $5.99 from Loose Id. It’ll be appearing at other retailers shortly, which I’ll add to the book page as they appear.

Not only that, but Tease is on sale as well. Get both selkies for under $10!

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